Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prayer Quilts

Prayer Quilt 4
Have you heard of Prayer Quilts? It's a tangible way to cover someone in prayers. The quilts are tied, or it could be a hand or machine quilted quilt that has ties stitched in the blocks. As a silent prayer is said for the recipient, the threads are tied into knots to represent the prayer. God has been working on me for awhile with this idea. I finally Googled it and found Prayers and Squares Quilt Ministry. It was great, the idea was right there, someone else had already figured out the details! I still resisted though, how could I lead this church ministry, I can't fund it, I can't make all the quilts, there's Sew Much and More to do, how could I possibly find the time? However, God kept putting the thoughts and ideas in my head and I finally made a simple quilt and presented the idea to the church leadership. Everyone was moved by the idea. Things have fallen into place since then, the idea was presented to the congregation, there are 2 ladies that volunteer to sew with me and we receive just enough donations to keep us supplied for the next quilt that needs to be made! God is awesome! Since March, we have covered 5 people in prayers and have a 6th coming up soon. Please contact me if you are someone you know is in need of a prayer quilt.