Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Denim Finishes

Hey! I realized I had some denim finishes that I haven't showed y'all! First up is the denim quilt I made from my two sons jeans they are no longer wearing. I have been saving the jeans for quite some time! This quilt is made from boys sizes 8's and 10's. When I came across this tutorial I knew this is how I wanted to make the quilt! I originally posted about it here.

I love the different shades of blues and the look of the worns knees!
I found a flannel for the backing that has owls in blues and greens. I think it goes well with the denim. I love snuggling under this quilt! 
The next demin quilt I wanted to show you is a denim prayer quilt that I made for our church ministry. I originally posted about it here. This went to a dear friend that was scheduled for open heart surgery for a heart valve. I'm hApPy to say surgery went well and he is now home recovering! Praises!!!!

This quilt is quite a bit bigger than my first one and heavy too! I love how it turned out .. I just love all the shades of blue!
The way a prayer quilt works is there are threads stitched into the quilt and left untied. If you look closely at the photo you can see the untied threads (#5 Pearl Cotton) stitched throughout the quilt. (You can make the quilt a tied quilt, but I like to machine quilt mine).
The quilt is presented to the congregation and information about the recipient is given as to their prayer needs. After service it is placed in an area large enough for people to get around it so they aren't stumbling over each other. Each person says a silent prayer and ties a knot in the threads. Knots can be tied on top of knots (prayers on top of prayers).
The recipient will then be covered in prayers and they know each knot represents a prayer for them. Usually what happens is once the prayer quilt is given to the person in need, they have family members that say prayers/tie knots into the quilt. I'm also aware of hospital personnel saying prayers/tying knots. The prayers/knot tying aren't only from the church family.
You can go here to learn more about prayer quilts!
I didn't get a good photo of the back, but here is the flannel I used and you can see the label and more of the untied threads.

A photo of prayers tied into the quilt!
I really enjoy being able to use my sewing talent to serve. Making the quilts blesses me! My goal for 2013 is to make more prayer quilts!
If you have been saving jeans and not sure what to do with them, be sure to check out the link I gave you at the beginning of this post for making these quilts. Also, visit Pam at Threading My Way for Refashioning with Denim. There are fantastic ideas listed for recycling denim! 
Thanks for stopping by! Sewing to serve!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dresden Blog Hop - Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to visit during the Dresden Blog Hop! This was my first blog hop and it was a lot of fun! I'm humbled by all your kind comments! Thanks also to the new followers! I have met many talented people through blogging. YOU inspire me all the time! I'm always adding things to my quilt-to-do list because of your creativity!

Thanks to Christine at Quilt Monster in my Closet and Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt for organizing the blog hop! They are very creative and talented, visit their blog every change you get!!