Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Denim/Jean Quilt

I've been saving my 2 son's jeans for quite a while to make a quilt out of them! I bookmarked this super great tutorial to go to when I was ready! They were taking up a lot of room in my youngest sons closet and I finally decided it was time!

In the tutorial, Natalia says to rip the jeans because it's much easier on your hands than cutting them with scissors. I don't know why I was skeptical, maybe I thought I couldn't rip the jeans. However, I snipped the bottom of the leg to get it started, and then I ripped, and WOW she was right! It was quick and easy!  Here's a picture of my stack of ripped jean strips!

I used my rotary cutter to trim them to the desired size. Actually, first I sorted them by size... by the width of the strip. Some of the jeans were boys size 8's and I could get a 5.5 inch width by length of jean. Some are larger boys size 12's that I could cut a 7 inch width strip. Some of the knees had holes in them, so I cut the knees out and those are the shorter strips, which worked out great to help offset the seams!

This quilt is so easy and would go together in no time but that's the problem.. lately I have no time to sew! I am managing to get a little time in here and there and actually making progress!

Here's a picture of the top and I love this picture.. look at those indigo colors! It doesn't look this blue when it's inside!

Since this picture was taken, I added 2 more rows to make it a little longer. It measures 50 x 55.

The picture below shows the flannel backing. I had a hard time finding a flannel I liked.. well that I liked for the boys. I found pinks, purples, florals and young kiddish flannels. I really like this one with the owls!

Currently, I'm straight line quilting it and it's heavy! I'm really excited to get it finished and start another one! 

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  1. Wow! thats a nice looking quilt for a boy!
    and the backing is cute :)
    Have a nice day

  2. Great job! A classic look and, as you have noted, it is heavy and sure to be warm.

  3. A denim quilt is a great idea for boys! I also love your photos from Colorado and your turtle quilt. I have a book with old American quilts and it has a turtle quilt similar to that that I would live to make one day.

  4. I really like the backing fabric you are using. It is going to look great.

  5. Love it! All those beautiful blues paired with the backing you chose - just perfect.

  6. How neat! That looks like one comfortable quilt.