Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Visit to Mama's Quilt Shop

While visiting my family in south Louisiana during Christmas, we were able to go to Mama's Quilt Shop, in Independence, Louisiana. My sister, Georgia-Girl Quilter, my Mom and myself enjoyed visiting with Mrs. Brenda, the owner, and Mrs. Martha who works there on Saturday's. The last time we were at the shop, I forgot to take pictures so I was sure to take pictures this time.

It's hard to imagine there's a lot of fabric goodness inside this building but there is!!


and bolts..

and bolts of fabric goodness!

Awesome Fat Quarter section, rulers and inspirational books!

To see all the wonderful quilts in progress and finished quilts that are hanging in the store, go to my sisters blog to get inspired!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Isn't it incredible! I love going out there to see them. glen

  2. It was so fabulous to see you...I am just sad that we only get to see you a couple of times a year! I wish both of you lived close enough to see you every week. I feel like I have gained two sisters and a mom...not to mention numerous nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts. Yeah! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that the New Year brings you everything wonderful in the world. Love ya!