Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm (a little) Behind!

Well, I'm (a little) behind with my February and March UFO's, WIP's, sewing projects, and blog posts. I started out good in January and then ... well life happens. Isn't that how it usually happens! We make those January goals, or goals at any time and there always seems to be challenges in getting them done. I am not complaining but very blessed and grateful that the life happenings haven't been bad, just busy.. working late, track and spring football practice for J1, and soccer practice and games for J2, and spring break vacation. (Ahh! a much needed vacation!)
I wanted to share with you what I made in February, which was not on my original sewing project list. The youth group at my church host a Valentine's Banquet each year. Due to scheduling conflicts, it was a little later, February 23rd.
The youth group serve the food to the guest and they also provide entertainment. Let me add there are lots of adults in the background that plan, cook the meal, and direct the teens on what to do. The teens do a great job serving, refilling drinks, picking up dirty dishes and then prepare for and entertain the audience. The entertainment was a 50's Soda Shop theme. Usually we don't ask the banquet guest to come dressed to match the entertainment but this year they did encourage everyone to come dressed up 50's style.
The thought of making a poodle skirt crossed my mind but I was busy ... see paragraph one. As usual I waited until nearly the last minute to decide to make a poodle skirt. I gave myself 6 days. Sounds like plenty of time but not with my schedule of not being able to work on it every day.
I bought the McCall's M5681 costume pattern and picked out a pretty purple broadcloth. Oh! I haven't cut out pattern pieces in years and I got busy cutting and pinning.
Speaking of cutting let's cut to the chase and show you some photos!

Finished 2 hours before the banquet!

Instead of using one of the applique designs that came with the pattern, I added a little more stress to my life by customizing an applique that resembles our dog Marley. My oldest son helped me with the customization to help make it look more like Marley. It was worth the extra effort and definitely made the skirt unique.
 Marley is part Labrador and part Basset Hound. He looks like a Lab with short legs. He has a long Basset muzzle and the length of his ears are in between a Lab and a Basset. Our vet who is also a friend and member of our church calls him a 'LabraBasset'.

The costume came with a petticoat pattern. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I'm glad I made the petticoat!
Here's a photo of it blowing in the wind and the petticoat behind the skirt. I wanted the lace of the petticoat to fall just below the hem of the skirt, so the pretty lace could be seen.

Finally, here I am sporting my 50's look!
Thanks for stopping by! Even though I've been too busy to publish a post, I have been reading your post and as always ... you continue to inspire me!


  1. Life CAN be busy! You did a great job on the poodle skirt and petticoat. Marley is so real life and as an applique'. I bet the event was really fun. I'm sure it created special quality time with families! Your busy life is paying off because your boys are real gentlemen! Love to all...your sis.

  2. I love this! What a fun project for your young people and what a fun thing for you. :) blessings, marlene

  3. Awww - so cute! And now the young ladies and young men in your youth group know what a poodle skirt is - or should I say, Marley skirt! What a fun event for families to be involved with their children. I like that your oldest helped with the Marley applique design. And ditto to what sister DeAnna said about your boys being real gentlemen. Praises for a healthy family and family time.