Friday, January 24, 2014

Rag Quilt - A Prayer Quilt UFO - Finished!

A Prayer Quilt UFO is done! I am the lead of our Prayer Quilt Ministry at my church. Fabric is donated to our ministry and a few jeans too. This red, white and blue fabric was from the donated stash, when I saw it I thought it would look great paired with denim fabric.  

Because the red, white and blue fabric is woven, I thought it would make a good rag quilt. I cut the squares 4.5 inches and the batting slightly smaller at 4 inches.

'Xs' were drawn in the denim squares to use as a sewing guide. I might have been able to eyeball it but following a line is easier!

For some reason at that point it got set aside and became a UFO. The other day I started to work on another UFO when I could feel the stacks of squares staring at me! I got busy laying it out, finished sewing x's in the squares and it came together quickly. I have never made a rag quilt before. The process was fun! I love how it turned out! 

The back

When washing a rag quilt it's important to clean out the dryer vent often! The smaller ball of lent in the front is what I got from the bottom of the washing machine. The large ball of lent is from the dryer! I set the dryer on a 20 minute dry time because I was afraid of getting distracted or called away. I felt safe setting it at 20 minute intervals, in case that happened! I checked the vent every few minutes. It's important to hang around the dryer for the first drying.

My sister, DeAnna, that blogs at Georgia-Girl Quilter, got me the spring loaded scissors on the left, as a gift for Christmas! I love my fabric scissors, but I would not have been able to make all those snips with them. The spring loaded scissors are very sharp at their tips, and the comfort handles and spring action make it easy on your hand!

A close up of the ragging! The quilt isn't very large at 36 x 39.5 inches. As mentioned, this is a quilt for the Prayer Quilt Ministry at my church. It will fit nicely over someone's legs. I pray it will provide comfort for someone in need. It's not designated for anyone yet. When we have a need, we will stitch long #5 Pearl Cotton threads into the quilt. We will tie knots in those threads while we pray prayers for the recipient. Each knot represents a prayer and the recipient will be covered in prayers.

To learn more about prayer quilts, visit the Prayers and Squares website. There are so many ways to help others by donating your time, and quilting skills in order to give comfort to both children and adults. The church prayer quilt ministry is the way I feel God has lead me to - sew to serve. Here is a short list of organizations: Project Linus, Quilts for Kids, Quilts of Valor, HeartStrings Quilt Project, Binky Patrol. Just do a web search and you'll find a lot more!

You could start your own charity quilt group or prayer quilt ministry. Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, blogs about the prayer quilt ministry at her church. The quilts they make will blow you away! They are a very committed and productive group! Sarah recently started another blog, Piece*Love*Quilt, dedicated to the prayer quilt ministry. She tells the story of how they got started here. It's an awesome, see God at work story!

Do you sew to serve?

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  1. Beautiful quilt! I'm sure it will bring comfort to someone in need. A great way to serve others!

  2. I haven't done a rag quilt yet. I'm sure this one will bring comfort to its eventual owner!

  3. Very unique and beautiful quilt. The recipient will feel the comfort of all the prayers that will add peace and warmth to this quilt. Lovely!

  4. Fantastic ministry! Gorgeous quilt!

  5. Setting the time dry was genius! I admit to forgetting when washing one before.