Monday, January 30, 2012

Drunkard's Path Turtle Block

I'm making a prayer quilt for a 7 year old that really likes turtles. I searched high and low.. long and hard to find a turtle to either applique or piece. Once I decided on the Drunkard's Path Turtle, I searched my local stores for the plastic templates and came up empty handed. Why do some things seem so hard! (I know sometimes I make it hard!) Time is running short and I needed to get started on this project. I browsed sites to purchase the templates and then remembered I have an old book Quilters For Beginners Patchwork & Applique Projects for All Ages, by Agnes Frank, copyright 1985. It has templates for each of the 20 blocks in the book. This was either before rotary cutters/rulers or before they became popular. I was finally glad to get my hands on a Drunkard's Path template! (I found the book here.)

I was skeptical of using that particular design because of sewing curves and using a template. I probably haven't used a template since I bought this book and made many of the blocks! (The receipt was my bookmark, I bought it February 16, 1989!)  Even though I was feeling unsure (because of the curves and templates) I continued moving forward with it and happy how the first block turned out!

I'm planning to pick the stitches out from around the head and tail and zig zag around it instead.

When searching for templates on the internet, I came across these templates by Marti Michell. I like them the best. I was wondering if anyone has used them? After studying the Drunkard's Path design for the turtle block, it's really amazing how many different designs you can make using those templates.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Needle and Spatula has a really nice tutorial and free template for Drunkards' path blocks from charm squares, in case you're still in the market for templates. :)

  2. The squares look great. Post of pic of your finished quilt when done.