Monday, March 19, 2012

Slow and steady... {wins the race}

The Drunkard's Path turtle quilt is finished! I'm very pleased with how it turned out! This is a prayer quilt for a 7 year old boy that has health issues. When I heard he liked turtles I searched long for a turtle design. My initial thought was a turtle to applique, because I didn't think there was a pieced design. I Googled 'turtle quilt block designs' or something similar, and found many applique designs but they didn't seem to fit. When I came across the Drunkard's Path turtle I knew that one was the one to make!

As I was cutting, sewing, and quilting around the curves, the phrase 'slow and steady' kept coming to mind because I tend to go to fast. I hurry to get it done, but I had to keep telling myself to slow down around those curves and you'll get it done ... you'll win the race (the race was my deadline). Maybe this quilt is appropriate for the young boy that will receive it ... slow and steady and he'll win his race/battle!

The way a prayer quilt works is there are threads stitched into the quilt and left untied. You can see the untied threads (#5 Pearl Cotton) in the center of the turtle shells. (You can make the quilt a tied quilt, but I like to machine quilt mine). The quilt is presented to the congregation and information about the recipient is given as to their prayer needs. After service the quilt is placed in an area large enough for people to get around so they aren't stumbling over each other. Each person says a silent prayer and ties a knot in the threads. Knots can be tied on top of knots (prayers on top of prayers). The recipient will then be covered in prayers and they know each knot represents a prayer for them. If there are threads left untied, I let the family know, just so they are aware. Usually what happens is once the prayer quilt is given to the person in need, they have family members that say prayers/tie knots into the quilt. I'm also aware of hospital personnel saying prayers/tying knots into the quilt. The prayers/knot tying aren't only for the church family.

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  1. came out so nice. You did an excellent job! The name fits perfectly for both you AND the little boy who will receive it. You won your race in making it...I pray the little boy will win his. You have such dedication. I will say a prayer for you to maintain your dedication so that others may receive quilts as well.

  2. It is a wonderful quilt. Thank you for sharing the meaning. I never heard of a prayer quilt before.

  3. I love the turtle quilt... You are such a loving - giving person!!!