Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday {3.7.2012}

Drunkard's Path Turtle Quilt

Here's my progress on the turtle prayer quilt.  I had a chance to take a picture outside.

Up close view on how I'm quilting the blocks. It takes about 13 minutes to quilt around the turtle and that was without distractions. I always have distractions, so it takes me longer than 13 minutes. I usually don't like to show up close pictures of my quilting since I'm not very good at it. However it may look, I like the way it's turning out! Mostly, I hope it brings peace and comfort for whom I'm making it.

This is a picture of jean legs that have been torn open into panels. I've been saving my childrens jeans for awhile to make them a denim quilt.  I'm following this tutorial.  Since I've been saving them for awhile I have varying sizes. The piles are divided into 5 inch, 6 inch and 7 inches widths.

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  1. Your turtle prayer quilt is turning out great. That special someone will definitely be comforted when he receives it and comforted through his illness. Great Job!

  2. What an awesome take on D'sP! I love turles and this quilt is just beautiful with such a great destination!

  3. How cool is that!? Love the turtles - never would have thought of it. Did you "find" them yourself, or is it a pattern?

  4. I agree, how cool is that? I love those turtles and what a fabulous way to use drunkards path blocks.
    Wow you have quite a pile of jeans saved up!

  5. Your turtles are SOOOO cool! Love them. Such a fun quilt.

  6. Very clever and cute. You've chosen some fun fabrics to make them from. Would love to see the finished project some day.

  7. Love this reminds me of happy times on vacations and your heart is so beautiful for doing this!

  8. What a neat quilt, love how you used the Drunkard's Path blocks!

  9. I'm loving the turtles! I wanted to make one with batiks once. They are looking great; you are going to make someone very happy :)