Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Fall Sewing Retreat: Part 2 - Arkansas

This post is a continuation of my catch-up posts.

At the end of October, my Mom and sisters got together for a fall sewing retreat! We hope it's the First Annual Fall Sewing Retreat!

The retreat started at my sister's house in Texas and ended at my house in Arkansas. To read about Part 1 - the Texas retreat go here

It started with my sister, DeAnna, who lives in Georgia and blogs over at Georgia-Girl Quilter, she drove from the Atlanta area to south Louisiana, to get my Mom. They then drove to Texas to my sister Simone's house, which is where Part 1 of the retreat took place! After a few days of sewing fun in Texas, we drove in 3 cars to my house in Arkansas.

In the Part 1 - Texas post you met my Mom, Jennie on the left and my sister Simone on the right.

You met my sister, DeAnna, on the right, she blogs over at Georgia-Girl Quilter, visit her blog when you get a chance.  You did not met my sister, Rhunell, on the left. She was unable to make it to Part 1 - Texas and she drove to my house for Part 2 - Arkansas.

We were set up in my basement, which worked out great! I recently moved my sewing space to the room above the garage. You can read about that here.

I planned a shopping day to a couple of quilt shops in my area. First we visited Pinwheel Fabrics.

Here's a peak inside the store.

We watched as someone quilted with the long arm.

Then we went to The Stitchin' Post. Lots of eye-candy here too!

These are the purchases we bought on our 2 shop - shop hop. We helped the economy a little.

We also went to my son's high school football game.

Despite the extra activity and having less days to sew than when we were in Texas, we managed to get a lot of sewing done.

Mom completed a 1600 jelly roll quilt top! I love those colors (and we didn't make a race out of it).

Simone completed a string pieced table topper. It made the door look like it had a stained glass window! Pretty!

Here is a close up...

DeAnna made a table runner...

and 2 purses...

Rhunell finished a quilt she started for her youngest daughter right before she was born.  Sixteen years later here it is... fantastic!

This is the quilt top I pieced, it still needs borders.

We had sew much fun and hope we can do it again next year. We'll just have it at one person's house and maybe only for a period of an extended weekend.

This is the conclusion of my catch-up blog post.  

Have a fantastic day! Blessings to you!


  1. We had an awesome time. I forgot I made that table runner...wonder where I put it?! Can't wait till we do it again!

  2. Sew awesome time!!
    Your basement was the perfect place to accommodate all our stuff plus plenty of room for movement. (Not a reference to the fiber filled goodie bags). :-)
    I am looking forward to the possibility of our 2nd annual sew much fun retreat. Everyone made such good progress on wonderful projects; I can't wait to see what we will make next year.

  3. Hi Gina. DeAnna sometimes stops by my blog and leaves nice comments so I was pleased to visit her blog and learn about your family quilting retreat! What a nice family you have!!! It was fun to stop by your blog and look around!