Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fruits of my labor - Summer Garden

To continue my series of catching up, I want to share my garden photos with you. I know that everyone is thinking about Christmas because I am too! You're checking your list, decorating, buying and making gifts and a post about gardening is the last thing on anyone's mind! Maybe an off topic distraction will be good to think of preparing for a garden after the new year.

This is my first garden, a keyhole garden, you can read more about it from this post. I really enjoyed tending to the garden and I learned a lot! My sister in Texas also had a garden this year and we enjoyed figuring it out together. There was lots of browsing the internet and sharing information and cheering each other!

Here's a photo of my irrigation system using a sprinkler hose.
I learned about bad bugs.

I learned about good bugs.

I learned about good bacteria and bad bacteria and bacteria spores and hookworms on tomato plants and much more. I kept it organic, using soap spray and milk spray and picking off those darn hookworms. There's still so much more to learn! Below are a few photos of the fruits of my labor.

I'm looking forward to having a garden next year! Do you garden?


  1. Nice garden. You learned a lot this summer about gardening...just think how much more you will learn when planting and growing season comes around again! Love the pics. The veggies are awesome.

  2. Sew nice garden! You definitely learned a lot. Now the hard part might just be deciding what you want to grow next season. Sew many choices and fresh veggies are sew good!