Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moving ~ Purging ~ Reorganizing

To continue my series of catch-up post, I spent about 2 months this summer moving rooms around, purging and reorganizing.

The room above the garage was a play room for my 2 sons. The older they got, the less time they played in that room. Their toys became gaming toys instead of cars, transformers, trains and super heroes.

My sewing room was a bedroom, (without a bed) made into a craft/sewing room. I decided to move the sewing room to the room above the garage and make the sewing room to what it was originally intended - a bedroom. This meant lots of purging. I ask the boys what toys they wanted to keep and there were some I wanted to keep too. They helped me put the parts and pieces together and we either boxed them to keep or boxed them to give away.

I hate showing my mess. The photo below is the beginning stage of sorting and purging the toys.

This is the after photo, with my sewing arrangement.

The cubicles that I had toys in, made for great organizing units for my fabric! They were moved to this wall from around the window. All cleaned out of toys.

Here's a photo with it loaded with fabric! (Sorry for the stuff on the floor. I was still working on it when I took the photo.)

This toy organizer makes a fantastic UFO / project organizer! The bins are all full now!

This toy made the cut and didn't get put in the giveaway box!

The room that was my sewing room was a mess too and needed to be purged and organized before it could be made into a bedroom. It was a lot of hard work. It was a little emotional going through everything. I worked on the rooms after work each evening when I really didn't feel like it. So often other things get in the way of me actually finishing a project, I was determined to finish this! I love the way the rooms turned out! I love my new sewing space above the garage! I love the 'new' bedroom and having the extra bed for guests!

My next post will be about a fall sewing retreat I had with my Mom and sisters!



  1. How wonderful it is to have a fantastic space for sewing. I love repurposing stuff from my kids days to something I can use now. Great job, keep up the good work. Purging is such a fantastic feeling, isn't it?

  2. Looks Fantastic, such a pretty space and able to repurpose those bins is great.

  3. Your sewing room looks fantastic! I wish I had one just like it.

  4. Gina! I know you are so excited about your new sewing room! :) Looking forward to seeing the burst of new and exciting creative flow!!!

  5. Ahhh - nice space! You can really breath - creativity - in that space. Can't wait to make me a sewing space after the holidays. Just a space for now, but perhaps a room to myself later! Go with what you got! Love your room and I love the cute sign!

  6. Great sewing area and a long time coming! Organizing and purging is hard work but the results are always fantastic. Less cluttered feeling and look... hence...more creative space in your mind and physical space.

  7. What a great post! I like how you were able to reuse everything for your sewing purposes:) How old are your boys now? I'm just curious, my girls are 8, 5, and 3 and we are getting ready to move them all into a huge bedroom together and put all their toys in there. I can't wait to have my living room back!