Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Antique Shopping

Hello! I had an unplanned antique shopping trip! There are many antique shops near to where I live, but I don't get to visit often. My son had soccer practice on a Saturday and I took that opportunity to stop into a near by antique shop. I had so much fun that on Sunday I stopped by the antique store that was next door. Below are some photos of the treasures I saw.

The first treasure is this Singer sewing machine! It's missing a few items though. The belt is missing, in which I think I can replace. The thread spindle (not sure of the official name) on top of the machine is also missing.

The bobbin and bobbin plate are missing too. The price was too good to pass up, so I bought it in hopes I can find replacements for the missing parts! If you know information about replacement parts for these old machines, please share!

This Dresden quilt is a beauty! One corner was torn and I didn't open it all the way to see what other issues it might have.

I often read about people finding quilt squares in antique stores, however I have never found quilt squares or fabric that I would want to buy.  This day proved different, in that I found a bag of mostly 9 patch quilt squares in excellent condition. They are machine sewn and the intersections intersect perfectly!

There are a few other block designs in the bag too, again more perfect intersecting seams. I did buy this bag of blocks. I'll show you more about the treasures in this bag in another post.

I also bought this jar of buttons.

Close up photo of a star quilt.

I love this design!

Awesome Grandmothers Flower Garden!

Gorgeous Wedding Ring!

Stunning applique!

Oh my check out these sewing machines! I wanted both of them! I bought the Universal, it has all it's parts and it works!

Do you go to antique shops and purchase quilt and sewing items? I'm looking forward to when I can go back!



  1. Great finds and great buys. I need to check out the antique stores in my area and see what treasures they hold. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The quilts are beautiful. It's too bad that someone's hard work ended up in an antique store and not passed down to a family member. At least you are giving the blocks a good home and maybe someone will soon adopt the quilts.

  2. Oh what wonderful finds. Buttons, blocks, and two machines to top it off. What a deal. So glad you will put all those blocks to good use. All those items just needed someone to take them to a lovely home where they can be appreciated. You will have fun with those blocks.