Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Vacation Shop Hop - Day 1

We went to Colorado for spring break this year, specifically we stayed in Salida, Colorado and skied Monarch Mountain. My family skied - I tried it the first year - didn't really like it - while they ski - I shop. I searched the web for quilt shops nearby Salida and found 5 shops! The family ski's for 3 days, therefore my schedule was to visit 5 shops in 3 days. A couple of the shops were about an hour drive away. The scenery is so beautiful, I didn't mind the drive.

The first day I visited two shops. My first stop was Bev's Stitchery in Buena Vista, CO. Buena Vista is about a 30 minute drive from Salida. Buena Vista is in the upper Arkansas River Valley and at an elevation of 7,965 feet.

Bev's Stitchery doesn't have a website or I would link you to it. They are a lovely shop and I was fortunate to visit them the last time we vacationed in Colorado.

They have a great selection of books, fabric, sewing supplies, yarn, knitting and crochet tools.

A beautiful quilt sampler hanging in the store.

I was happy to purchase this book and fabric.

The view is gorgeous between Salida and Buena Vista. I'm in awe at the beauty. If you look closely at the mountain peak you can see the wind blowing the snow. 

My second stop that day I visited Fringe, in Salida, CO (the town where we were staying). They do have a website, please be sure to visit them.

Fringe is located in the historic downtown area of Salida. It is a fabric, yarn and gift shop. I was fortunate to visit them the last time we vacationed in Colorado.

Lots of excellent fabric and yarn selections to choose from, along with sewing, knitting and crochet supplies.

I love their workshop area with each machine having a name and a peg board with sewing tools.

The measuring tape zippered pouch was very unique I couldn't pass it up, and I bought this pretty bundle of fabric.

Salida, Colorado is a quaint town located in the upper Arkansas River Valley at an elevation of just over 7,000 feet.

I enjoy walking in the downtown area visiting the local shops and restaurants.

The Arkansas River runs besides Salida. It is so different than how we see the river by the time it gets to Little Rock, Arkansas.

We aren't only in awe of the Rocky Mountains but also the Arkansas River. We enjoy visiting with the local residents and meeting others who are visiting from out of town too.

Thanks for stopping by. It was a great vacation, I got to do what I like, my family enjoyed what they liked and we were still all together! You can read about day 2 here and day 3 here.



  1. Your photos are lovely. The ones of the shops you went to are very pretty but the ones of the river and mountains are wonderful. It looks as if your trip was a really fun one and the fabrics and other items you purchased look so pretty. That little tape measure purse is really cute!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome first day! The tape measure pouch is so cute. I love that fabric. It's nice to get away and see some other sites this country has to offer!

  3. So gorgeous - amazing how you can see the snow being blown on top of that mountain peak. I love the cute machine stations and that pouch you found. What a good first day!!! Thanks for letting me tag along :)